Levi Dandeneau

Full Stack Web Developer

I'm a young developer with a passion for quality and an endless stream of crazy ideas. In my spare time I love taking pictures, listening to music, dreaming up and working on new projects. I am currently in the first year of my Information Engineering study. Are you in need of a full stack web developer for a project? Be sure to take me into consideration, email me with the envelope button below.


I pride myself in writing code that is as clean, maintainable and understandable as possible. I do not support auto-format, I beleive programmers should know how to format their code without computers help.


When I work on projects, I focus on the end user. I keep the end user's wants and needs in the back of my head at all times, making for a smooth user experience.


I have a fervent passion for clear and clean design, and I incorporate that in all of my projects.


I make my projects perfectly accessible on all devices, from the smallest smartphone touchscreen, to the biggest 4k monitor.


The Password Genie

This PG can create passwords up to 64 charecters all for free. Not much javascript took play in this project. Users are able to change the Length, Digits, or Symbols. This project made this using vue.js framework.

Emergency Lighting System

This project, the Police Emergency Lighting System was inspired by FiveM which is a GTAV roleplay platform that you can become a cop/civ which I used to play. I am hoping to create a Fire Department Lightbar so we can possibley have a duel project. Users are able to control the sequance and use the traffic director, basic panel, and take down lights. Be sure to like the pen if you enjoyed the work!